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A Valve impersonator trolls Ricochet: Neon Prime fans using Twitter’s infamous Verified Subscription feature.

Despite appearing to be mocking fans, a bogus Valve game was really mocking Elon Musk.

Neon Prime fans using Twitter's
Neon Prime fans using Twitter’s

Ricochet: Neon Prime, a sequel to Valve’s previous game, was recently revealed. But, no, I’m sorry, this is simply someone taking advantage of the clear weaknesses in Twitter’s new authentication system.

This Thursday at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, Ricochet: Neon Prime, our next competitive platform, will be revealed, according to a tweet from Valve (opens in new tab). “Looking forward to seeing everyone on the grid!” You might be excused for assuming that this was Valve’s Twitter account if there wasn’t a blue checkmark next to the name, but the misspelling of “software” in the name would tip you off.

Neon Prime Fans Using Twitter’s

A blue checkmark next to the name has historically served to differentiate legitimate Twitter accounts from impersonations and parodies, such as Valves. Anyone may now obtain a blue checkmark by paying $8 per month for the Twitter Blue membership, one of the numerous modifications made to the network since Elon Musk bought it. In principle, extra “official” badges will identify true official accounts, although they haven’t yet been implemented on the site.

This implies that anyone may distribute false information for $8 right now while appearing to be an official source. For their part, @valvesotfware is protesting Twitter Blue by utilizing its viral fame (opens in new tab). The damage misinformation can do to people may be genuine and have a lot greater impact than a false game announcement, according to the account.

Elon Musk’s account is mentioned at the end of the message, which concludes, “You now possess a big platform and this is what you chose to do with it, do better.” How many of these bogus accounts will remain active is yet unknown, but for now, you may enjoy the memes.

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