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Fangs Game Free Download For PC. The Game is pre-installed with the direct download link. Fangs Game Free Download was released on 30 Nov 2022.


Fangs is a 4v4 MOBA created by Steve “Guinsoo” Feak that focuses on hero-specific strategies and in which every skillshot might be the difference between victory and failure. By acquiring and switching between hero-specific augments, you may vary your playing style.
Let your decisions inspire success.

About Fangs Game Free Download

Since the Fangs first erupted thousands of years ago, they have been at the epicenter of both culture and violence. The (enchanted) elemental crystals they dispersed around the country have grown to be the most valuable resource on the planet due to their ability to endow living things with enormous strength.

Following the Great Calamity, the magic of the Fangs is becoming more unstable, and the Fractured Realms are on the verge of entering a new era of arcane upheaval. In this new period of struggle, who will become legendary, and who will be forgotten? It hasn’t been determined yet.

Features of Fangs Game Free Download

The game is excellent as Fangs Game has a tonne of amazing features that take it from good to remarkable. Here are some of the top game aspects that you should be aware of:

Hero Diversity

We want everyone to find a home with one of our heroes in Fangs Game. In order for people to identify with any of our heroes, we will design them with a variety of histories and personalities. We hope that each hero encourages players to experiment with their moves and come up with fresh solutions to problems in every game.

Customization For Heroes

Our extensive customization mechanism is enhanced by the diversity of our hero roster. You as a player can alter your playstyle to suit any team competition challenge by changing augments each round. Your crew could use a little extra healing. There is an augment for it, no problem! Do you want to feel like a powerful god? Yes, you guessed correctly; we also have an augment for that.

Fast Paced Action

We want our players to be able to jump right into the action since we are aware of the suffering caused by excessively drawn-out games. You can get to the action sooner since the quick-paced combat gameplay matches the versatility of augments. Being excellent at Fangs requires the ability to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances.

Team-Based Strategy

A cooperative strategy game that promotes group recognition is called Fangs. We want you to always feel like a member of a supportive community, both in and outside of the game. You must cooperate as a team in order to win the match since there are various ways to win.

Competitive Accessibility

Fangs welcome both newcomers and seasoned gamers because it is simple to learn yet challenging to master. We want to lessen the entrance requirements for MOBAs so that everyone may compete and succeed. To keep Fangs feeling new, we will be upgrading and balancing the game every two weeks.

Details Of Fangs Game Free Download

Game Name:Fangs Game Free Download
Developer:Hidden Leaf Games
Release Date:30 Nov 2022
Operating System:Windows 8/10 & 11 – 64Bit
Category:Action, Strategy & Adventure
Game Size:1-GB
Details Of Fangs Game Free Download

Screenshots Of Fangs Game Free Download

Fangs Game Free Download
Fangs Game Free Download
Fangs Game Download
Fangs Game Download
Fangs Game
Fangs Game

Gameplay Of Fangs Game Free Download

Gameplay Of Fangs Game Free Download

Fangs Game Tweets

Fangs Game Tweets

How to Download & Install Fangs Game Free Download

  1. When you click the Download button below, UploadHaven should be opened for you.
  2. After five seconds, press the blue “download now” button. Let the download start now, and then wait for it to complete.
  3. Extraction to Fangs Game Free Download .zip may be done by right-clicking the zip file once Fangs Game Free Download has finished downloading. (You may get 7-Zip here if you don’t already have it.)
  4. Run the Exe program by double-clicking within the Fangs Game Free Download folder.
  5. Enjoy yourself and play!
  6. Run the game as administrator and, if you encounter any missing dll errors, search for and install all of the programs in the Redist or CommonRedist folder.

To prevent any issues, you must have the most recent DirectX version installed.

Important Note

Make careful to turn off any antivirus software that may be installed on your computer. Failure to do so might result in problems and faults with the game you are installing. The download files on this website are virus-free and completely clean.

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