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You may learn more about Sins of a Solar Empire II and learn how to get a free copy of the game on this page. Here, you may either download a torrent or a direct link (from a separate file hoster). At the bottom of the page is a link to the free download. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion was released on Jun 10, 2012.


The widely anticipated follow-up to the critically acclaimed space strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire II raises the standard for what it means to manage a sizable space empire by fusing real-time strategy with 4X gameplay. Investigate the terrible conflict between the angry Advent, the nascent TEC, and the desperate Vasari as their battle exposes them to much bigger dangers. With distinctive game rules, fresh and redesigned troops, comprehensive research branches, and honed sub-factions, each race will further define its playing styles.

The orbits of planets and moons are taken into account by strategic emperors when making plans for colonization and fleet mobility. To intercept swarms of hostile missiles, clever combat commanders use ship location and point defense turret tracking speeds. Sins of a Solar Empire is jam-packed with fresh features, gameplay mechanics, and customizability at every level, opening up a wealth of fresh approaches and approaches.

About The Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Free Download

A splintering of the organizations engaged has occurred despite widespread optimism that diplomacy would finally put an end to the conflict. This is because of divergent views on what should be done & the weakening of the factions in charge.

In order to survive the remainder of the conflict, the Trader Emergency Coalition’s faithful members adopt an isolationist strategy and concentrate on fortifying their fortifications. The coalition’s opponents adopt a fully militant stance, believing that the only way to bring about peace is by finally annihilating everyone who stands in their path, especially Xenos. The battle causes a rift in the Advent Unity for the first time in their existence.

The loyalists want to continue their retaliation against the traders and subjugate everyone else to the Unity’s power. Others in the Advent, however, believe that the Unity has been misdirected off its intended course by an internal corrupting power. Although the gap formed in the Vasari Empire is less obvious, it nonetheless causes great suffering for its citizens.

The loyalist group gives up on collaboration and decides to grab the resources they require by whatever means necessary because the Vasari are now virtually desperate to move on to new space. The rebel side believes that after accepting the necessity of cooperation, their greatest chance of surviving is to cooperate with the other races and bring them along to avoid the impending enemy.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion, a stand-alone RT4X game that combines the tactics of real-time strategy with the richness of the 4X genre, allows you to take the struggle for galactic dominion to its highest degree.

Features of The Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Free Download

This game offers a lot of intriguing features. The most relevant ones are outlined to you in the following list:

Recent Factions:

  • Choose between playing as a Loyalist or a Rebel; each opens up new technology, ships, and playing styles for each race.

New warships of the Titan class:

  • Magnificent giants join the battle to balance power.
  • Each faction has the option of fielding a special titan with its own set of tactical advantages.

Updated and New Capital Ships:

  • For each race, a new capital ship enters the fleet to expand the available tactical choices.
  • Additionally, all major ships already in use have had their powers improved to four levels, enabling players to concentrate their ships on certain advantages.

Ships of the New Corvette Class

  • Each group has created a new light assault ship that is small and mobile to harass opposing forces.

Revised images:

  • The Sins universe now looks better than ever with updated visuals, particle effects, lighting and shadows, race-specific UI, and other improvements.

New Victory Requirements:

  • Choose from a variety of winning strategies, such as military, diplomatic, research, last capital standing, last flagship standing, and occupation.

Fresh audio:

  • The drama of combat is brought to new heights of immersion with the assistance of more than 60 minutes of fresh music, countless new sound effects, and several new voice-overs.

Tutorials Guide:

  • For both new and veteran players, new and updated tutorials make it simple to get started right away creating their own solar empire.
  • Additionally, a lot of enhancements that offer the best performance ever!

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Details Of Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Free Download

Game Name:Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Free Download
Game Release Date:Jun 10, 2012
Operating System:Windows 8/10 & 11 – 64Bit
Platforms:Windows, Xbox Cloud Gaming & PlayStation 4
Game Developer:Ironclad
Category:Simulation, Adventure, Action
Details Of The Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Free Download

Screenshots Of Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Free Download

Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Download
Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Download
Sins Of A Solar Empire Download
Sins Of A Solar Empire Download
Sins Of A Solar Empire Download Free
Sins Of A Solar Empire Download Free

Gameplay Of Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Free Download

Sins Of A Solar Empire Gameplay

System Requirements Of Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Free Download

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 SP1
  • Processor: An Intel Pentium 4 processor running at 3 GHz or above.
  • 2 GB of system memory is available for use.
  • Graphics: Radeon X1650 or GeForce 6800* or Better with 256 MB of video memory and support for Pixel Shader 3.0
  • 9.0c of DirectX
  • 5 GB of HD capacity on a hard drive
  • DirectX 9.0c Compatible Sound Card for Audio
  • the usage of a keyboard and mouse with a scroll wheel,
  • High-speed Internet access for multiplayer
  • Mobile cards must be specified as the primary video chipset for the game, and NVidia video chipsets must run drivers version 296.10 or above.

How to Download and Install Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Free Download

  1. When you click the Download button below, UploadHaven should be opened for you.
  2. After five seconds, press the blue “download now” button.
    Let the download start now, and then wait for it to complete.
  3. Right-click the downloaded Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion.zip file and choose “Extract to Sins.of.a.Solar.Empire.Rebellion.v1.975.Incl.ALL.DLC.zip.”
    (You may get 7-Zip here if you don’t already have it.)
  4. Run the Exe program by double-clicking within the Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion folder.
  5. Enjoy yourself and play!
    Run the game as administrator and, if you get any missing dll issues, search for and install all of the applications in the Redist or _CommonRedist folder.

To prevent any issues, you must have the most recent DirectX version installed.

Important Note

Make careful to turn off any antivirus software that may be installed on your computer. Failure to do so might result in problems and faults with the game you are installing. The download files on this website are virus-free and completely clean.

Sins Of A Solar Empire Game Free Download – Full Version

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