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Tricky Doors Walkthrough – the game is a single-player adventure, hidden object, and puzzle game made for mobile devices by Five-BN Games. On your mobile device, the game’s 3D visuals and hundreds of breathtaking scenes are shown. Finding hidden things is not just your ultimate objective; you must also complete mini-games to advance to the next level and become the master.


There are several rooms accessible, and without the capacity to recognize the creative route, discovering the creative method is nearly impossible. You may interact with the environment and items using a point-and-click interface. While also playing mini-games to finish challenging tasks. To escape, you must unlock the doors to each room. In addition, a dangerous world with both familiar and unfamiliar vistas may be waiting for you behind every door.

Use the portal to leave each location the game places you in & open up new areas to go to the finish line. The game offers a thrilling hunt for hidden things and a number of epic storylines. The play was expanded to include up to 8 Chapters, each with its own set of quests and items to find. As you progress to higher levels. The game’s complexity progressively rises from its easy starting point. To become a master, you need thus constantly hone your hidden object and puzzle-solving abilities.

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Tricky Doors Walkthrough

As described earlier, there are up to eight difficult levels in the game, and each one has a unique set of goals, hidden objects, mini-games, and riddles to accomplish.

The following episodes are now accessible:

  • Magic World
  • Secluded Island
  • Locked Apartment
  • Floating Islands
  • Amusement Park
  • Museum
  • Hospital
  • Theater
  • Antique District 
  • Train
  • Tricky Doors Circus
  • Mars
  • Vampire’s Castle

The episode order could be altered while you are playing the game. Therefore, to locate the Walkthrough, utilize their names. It’s difficult to play games like Adventure Escape Mysteries and Tricky Doors. You need to rely on your knowledge of solving puzzles and finding hidden objects as they don’t offer any lists of things you may use to discover hidden stuff. You get more knowledge about the game the more you play it.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 1

There are eight installments, as I have indicated, and a ninth episode is now being worked on and will be available shortly. This article will examine the opening scene and explain how to locate secret items, resolve problems, and make your getaway.

Continue reading the tricky doors walkthrough level 1 to get the answers to all of the levels’ puzzles. It appears that the plot centers on a writer, and you are fascinated by the magical world. When the writer picked up the phone and came back to the present, the wonderful world of the novel suddenly appeared to him. The author now needs your assistance in organizing his escape.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough
Tricky Doors Walkthrough
  • First, acquire the key with the balls from the area around the treasure box, then take the broom from its right side.
  • Grab a red gem from the mask’s eyehole above the treasure box.
  • To obtain the second key and add it to your inventory, tap the appropriate region of the fireplace and use the broom to clear the cobweb.
  • Near the trapdoor on the left side, you may find a candle and handle on the floor.
    To obtain a figured key and add it to your collection, tap the fireplace.
  • From the chimney wall, take a ritual knife and the formula for a potion.
    Take the rope from the left side of the Chimney Wall with the knife.
  • Get a doll and a key with monograms by going to the table on the left.

Open Trapdoor

To open the trapdoor and climb the ladder to the ground, choose and utilize all of the keys in the inventory.

Open Area

The first scenario took place inside the home, but now you are outside looking for additional things that can assist you to leave the fictional world of the novel.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 1
Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 1
  • In order to connect an axe blade to the handle that is already in your inventory, you must first create the handle with the ritual knife before tapping the partially chopped tree. To acquire firewood, gather feathers from the same location, pull wooden planks onto the platform, then hack at them with an axe.
  • Berries are the key component in the potion recipe and may be collected by tapping the bushes adjacent to the wooden home.
  • Grab a piece of birch bark from the tree on the left side with the Ritual Knife you selected from the inventory.

Red Fire

Red Fire
Red Fire
  • To access the second scenario, tap “Red Fire.” There, you must collect a handle from close to the stone and add it to your inventory.
  • To gain an Empty Cauldron, choose an arrow to draw from the stone on the right side and an axe to use to chop down the tree on the left side.
  • To obtain a lily, proceed to the water and pick up the ceremonial knife.

Water Well

  • Return a little distance to the second scene, where you could find water. Place the handle next to the wellhead and attach a rope to the Empty Cauldron. To get some water, drop the empty pot into the well.
  • Use the key to unlock the water pot, then add both items to your inventory.

Tap the Red Fire

  • You should tap on the “Red Fire” once you’re close enough to it, take the candle there to receive the burning candle, and then put it back in your inventory. To get a smoking doll, repeat the process using a doll.
  • To scare the snake with the burning doll, tap on the right side. As the snake flees, you’ll receive a diamond.

Wooden House

wooden house
wooden house
  • Return to your wooden home and proceed to the treasure box to run a mini-game by inserting a gem you recently acquired.
  • Play a mini-game in which your goal is to move the red and green diamonds to the appropriate locations after adding the gem.
  • A stick and net may be found there once the treasure box is opened; take them, and add them to your inventory.
  • Create a bow by fusing a stick and a rope; in the meantime, link objects with an arrow.

Red Fire Area

  • Leave your wooden home near the red fire so you may retrieve a muddy treasure chest by throwing a net into the river.
  • To cut the seaweed, choose a ritual knife from the supply.
    Choose and use the key to unlock the treasure box and take a bottle out of it.
  • The apple will be added to your inventory when you choose the bow and use it to lower it from the tree.
  • Cut the mushrooms on the right side with the ceremonial knife, then add them to your list.
  • Return to your wooden home and follow the directions to create the food.

Prepare a Dish

  • Go to your wooden home, choose the recipe for a potion, and then add the necessary items, such as mushrooms, birch bark, seaweed, lilies, etc
  • Go to the fireplace, choose and set up a pot of water, start a fire with the candle, and then add some fuel.
    Put all the ingredients in the pot, then dip an apple stick with an arrow into the boiling liquid to retrieve an apple and return it to your stock.
  • Choose the bow, use the knife to get a rope, then step outside for a time.
  • Keep in mind the light sequence emanating from the eyes of the owls perched on the tree by tapping them (Red, Red, Green, Green, Green, Green, Green, and Red).

Close the Lake

  • You should move toward the lake and turn toward the statue there.
    Choose the red diamond, affix it to the figure, then tap it in the order of the lights you discovered when tapping the owls.
  • Claim the crystal after it has been finished, then put it in your inventory.

Inside the Bottle

Inside the Bottle
Inside the Bottle
  • Use the axe you selected from your inventory to clear the cobweb before using the handle you discovered.
  • To obtain a Sharp Tool, tap a bug beneath the grasshopper, remove its stinger, connect it to the handle you just acquired, and tie it up with a rope.
  • Use a Sharp Tool you recently created to remove the cobweb on the left side, then take a Nymph from there.
  • To remove the grasshopper from the scene, give it a stomp from below.
  • You can come upon a stone holding two cottages on the left side. By just arranging the moving parts in accordance with the images shown above, you may complete a problem by tapping that region and obtaining a Golden Spatula.
  • Go to the right-side items that resemble eyes and pop one of them.
  • To remove a Bulb from the area and add it to your inventory, choose the Spatula.
  • Don’t forget to look at the design painted on a stone that is leaf-covered before you leave the region.
  • To view the pattern, set the leaf aside.
  • Leave the wooden house and tap the Red Light’s head to get a top-down view of the area.

Red Light Area

  • Tap temples in the following sequence to extinguish a fire: Tap the first higher temple on the left side, then travel to the right side and tap the bottom temple.
  • After that, push the top temple on the right side while moving to the right side’s lower temple to extinguish the fire.
  • After that, use the spatula to remove some ash from the pot, plant the bulb there, and then wait until a blossom appears.
  • Gather the bloom of wisdom and place it in your possession.

Magic Ink

You have to figure out this challenging riddle in order to obtain the magic ink. Only by carefully reading the ink formula and using the weight machine will you be able to solve the enigma.

You have five empty bowls with the numbers 2, 7, 6, 5, and 4 written on them. Filling them with the specified element, such as Green (2), Pink (7), Blue (6), Orange (5), and Light Green, is your goal (4).
The bowl is symbolized by the number after the hue.

Return to the table after completing the problem, keep the magic ink there, choose a feather from your inventory, and dip it into the ink to make a mark on the book. It assists you in returning to reality.

Congratulation! You have completed Level 1 of Trap Doors.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 2

Tricky Doors is a single-player adventure, hidden object, and puzzle video game that was published by Five-BN Games. It publishes eight difficult levels (Episodes), each with a different setting, difficult chores, and riddles to overcome. There are a few mini-games in the game as well that are also intended to provide you with hard gameplay, so you are not simply confined to looking for hidden things.

You must move through a variety of locations and engage in a variety of mini-games in order to solve the riddles. With our tricky doors walkthrough level 2, which includes all solutions and answers, we leap in to aid you since we know the puzzle level calls for a detective’s mindset and quick reflexes.

Introduction tricky doors walkthrough level 2

In the first chapter, we left the wooden hut where we had begun our voyage to visit other places, including open spaces, fire, statues, and more. We barely made it out of the scene after acquiring a magic ink, and we’re now locked in another place where we have to repeat what we did in the first chapter.

Start looking around the area, interacting with items, discovering clues, and using them to locate the exit. Since there isn’t a list of things to find in Tricky Doors (Free to play), you should practice solving puzzles before beginning the game. Read Tricky Doors Secluded Island Walkthrough for answers if you’re stumped and don’t know what to do next.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough Level 2 – Secluded Island

In the 2nd episode, you awoke on a deserted island with no one else around. You don’t remember how you got here, but there’s another mystery trying to escape here, so you need to unravel its mysteries. You first find a broken bridge where a red suitcase is stashed next to the boat.

  • A fishing rod will appear nearby when you tap the red suitcase, and you may add it to your inventory.
  • Tap the board to start gathering brushwood, and tap the yellow toolbox to receive a saw and a hammer.
  • After a little while, leave the spot you’ve chosen, pick up the saw from your inventory, and use it to fetch some wooden planks from the boat.
  • Choose some of the wooden planks, then fix the bridge with them. To approach the home, cross the bridge, then look about the area for further hints and hidden items.


  • Once the bridge has been repaired, you arrive at a home where you must gather brushwood from the left side and a Rubber Duck from the surrounding region.
  • To obtain the second piece of brushwood and retain it in your inventory, tap the stones on the right side.
  • A coat may be found on the right side of the entrance if you go there. For a lighter, look in the pocket.
  • Open the lid of the chest you just discovered on the left side to begin a mini-game.
  • You must arrange all strings so that their color changes to brown in order to finish a mini-game; also, all strings must pass through each knot.
  • As you finish the riddle, the chest is opened, allowing you to access the ladder within.

Bird House

To access the treehouse, tap the tree on the right side, set the ladder there, and then climb it. Look about the home to find the fourth piece of brushwood and a key hidden inside a little bird.

Torn Sail

  • You need to approach the boat and touch on it after receiving a key and the fourth piece of brushwood in order to find a torn snail.
  • Don’t forget to acquire the fifth piece of brushwood from there before you leave the boat.

Enter The House

  • After a little break from the boat, take the key out of the inventory and open the door. To find the sixth brushwood and Chips, use the hammer you choose from your inventory to pry the cracked board off the ground before entering the room.
  • Find the Empty Canister on the right side of the front wall by looking around the home.
  • Return to the original scenario, go to the boat and pour fuel from the boat engine into the empty canister.
  • Once you have a can of gasoline, go inside and fill the lamp with fuel. Burn the torch with the lighter to illuminate the dwelling.
  • Get a forceps from the front wall, then head to the left side to get the Jar with Resin and Seventh Brushwood.
  • The last piece of brushwood may then be taken off the fireplace’s shelf and added to your inventory by tapping it.
  • Zoom in to fully view the wooden gate where you could find a picture of a boat. Take note of the colors before leaving the location.
  • Obtain a “Fishing Line” from the space above the room’s central drum.

Red Briefcase

  • Do you recall the red briefcase we found at the beginning of the game? To unlock it, go to the first scene and set three different colors (Yellow, Green, and Red).
  • Gather the knife and hook from the briefcase by searching for it.
  • Next, choose the rubber duck and split it in half with the knife so you can use it as chips.
  • Enter the house, tap the pillow with the knife, and cut it to get chips.
  • Return to the opening screen, choose the fishing rod and attach the fishing line and hook.
  • Choose the fishing rod, and then use it to pull a gasoline can out of the water on the right side.

Congratulations! You have completed the tricky doors level 2

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